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I love the little things... :)

segunda-feira, setembro 30, 2013


How can I define this day?

Until now, it's dark & rainy. Miserable. Its darkness seems to be saddening me...

Maybe I should get a yellow umbrella, or something.

Autumn is here indeed. I like Autumn. I like the colors of the leaves, falling from the trees... I like the wind and the rain... I like to be sitting at home reading a book & drinking tea...

But... Gosh, I'm getting lazier by the minute.

What have I done lately?

Oh, I participated in a pedestrian trail (Meo Urban Trail) - this happened a few days ago (September 21st).

It was really nice because I got to see Lisbon at night. Beautiful, I must say. I went to a lot of places I didn't know existed. 

I've been to the smallest, cutest streets ever! (streets with the length of about 1,5 meters, maybe)
It was surprisingly fun.

One of those incredibly small streets won a prize in the eighties... Hahaha, how cool is that?

The cutest thing about that night was The Smile:
We all participated. It was fun, I must say. And I like the result.


(Note: I was waving like a stupid, in the forehead!)

I've watched some movies lately... And started reading some books, including "Orlando", by Virginia Woolf - which I've been dying to start reading.

Movies that I've seen lately, and recommend:

And if you're not that into that kind of stuff, and just want to laugh a little bit:
- These last movies are both comedies, starring Melissa McCarthy. :)

I'm home now, with Cherry (the cat) and a horrible dim light. 
I just had lunch and am feeling lazy as hell.


Until I do anything productive, I'm checking out some books I wish to read in the future.

"The Brontë Sisters" - Barnes & Noble edition - contains three novels! One of them is the famous "Wüthering Heights" - Why is it always so expensive in Portuguese stores? Seriously... It should be way below the 10€! What the fuck... And why do the translations always come in shitty editions? Bah!!!

That's it for now.

sábado, setembro 28, 2013


Purple or blue?

My last few months were good; and yes, I'm alive. :-)

I went home (to Terceira) in August. 

Cherry, the female cat, went home with me.
She always travels with me (from Lisbon to Terceira, and back), because I take care of her on Summer.
This time, she was a monster. I can enumerate almost(!) everything she destroyed, in a short period of time (not even a month): 
- A small glass table;
- About 6 flower jars;
- Other minimal things...
(She also used to steal/destroy food (that was supposed to be for us humans), every single day.)
GG, Cherry! 

Me and this kitty cat, we had an agreement... We were supposed to conquer the world together; but I think she's plotting against me... 
I wasn't expecting this! :(

August... It was good. My mom cooked for me, I met new colleagues, I had some fire fighting training / took a complementary course, had some interesting conversations, wrote some letters, tried new desserts and I spent a little time with my family too.

(And then I came back to Lisbon because I was going nuts.)

Sometimes I miss home; but I know that, to me, being there is just like consuming drugs (isn't healthy, doesn't feel right, doesn't seem real, and after a few weeks, gets addictive and changes one's personality).

Oh well...
Aren't we all "Drama Queens" sometimes?
Everyone changes constantly and, after all, "all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream".
Rabble rabble rabble...
I have to admit that my ideas of a "life" have changed drastically. I thank the world for this.

Due to a possible infertility problem and/or even just a "duality of ideas", and other psychological/real issues, ofc, I find myself admitting that I no longer wish to have a "life"; not at all.

Why would I want to do that? Ahh, the perfect person(!),... Seriously? 

Here goes a nice song, by an album that I really like...


sábado, março 23, 2013


Weekend! Finally!

My last weekend was well spent, happily. I'm grateful for knowing lovely people.  :)

Currently I haven't read much. But I've watched some more movies...

Mystic River (2003) 
I know, it's not recent at all! Doesn't matter... It's a great movie and I'm glad I watched it.
Great story and performances; I mean it.

Easy A (2010)
Sometimes it was a little boring and predictable; but it's an "okay" teen movie, I guess.
Obviously, it has a perfect ending.

Win Win (2011)
Great movie, in my opinion. I wasn't expecting it to be so good.
I could say it's the mirror of society; though it's not completely true.

Your Highness (2011) 
Don't expect something genius. This is the kind of movie you will want to watch if you don't want to think. Just laugh. 
2 words: silly + funny. :x

At first it was kind of confusing, and then it seemed to make sense. 
I have to admit it has an interesting story, and it's well-made.
However, it reminded me of the movie "Cabin Fever"; and the end was kind of... Crappy. My reaction was "Oh, come on...".

The Odd  Life Of Timothy Green (2012)
The Odd Life Of Timothy Green (2012)
Surprisingly, I loved it.
Really original, cute and captivating story.
It's worth watching!
Great cast. 

Seven Psychopaths (2012) watch it!
Smart and hilarious.
I really liked this one! It's a must-see.

Mirror Mirror (2012)
I'd say this is a "silly" movie; but it's just my opinion... I really think that its end is completely stupid. But that's just because this is not my kind of movie.
However, I think it's okay.

Wreck-It Ralph (2012)
Wreck-It Ralph (2012) watch it!
Very original. I loved all the little details!
It's another super cute Disney movie, just as I suspected!

Liberal Arts (2012)
Another movie that I loved. 
I must admit that my taste in movies has been changing drastically, over the years...
Great cast, in my opinion. :)
Good job, Josh Radnor!

Role Models (2008)
Role Models (2008)
Cute movie, I must admit!
It's nothing special, but really likeable.

Okay, no more movie talk... For now!

I woke up kind of late today, so I must deal with the consequences now...

It's time to drink some coffee and get back to the kitchen... The rice is done and I need to start making my sweet sweet veggie sushi rolls!